The guidlines below will help you to work with the accounts provided by Beavac marketplace. Please, note we can’t fully advise you on how to get the best out of your account but you can find all the basic information on any questions you might have.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Use only high-level proxy servers.

The problem: if you log in to multiple accounts using only one IP address all your accounts may be blocked.
The solution: use high-level proxy servers. High-level proxies or high-quality ones are individual IPv4 proxy servers (make sure you have exclusive access).

What shouldn’t be done:
- Do not use proxy servers packages like fineproxy, proxymir, etc;
- Do not use applications like Hola, FreeVPN, etc. to change the IP. VPN services provide access to one IP address for several people at once and may be considered as shared proxies.
- IPv6 proxies are not recommended for use.

Important: It is impossible to use IPv6 for Vkontakte social network.

Conclusion: use high-level proxy servers. If you authorize two or more accounts.

2. Use different devices when logging in to multiple accounts.

The problem: when you log in to multiple accounts from one device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) all your accounts may be blocked.
The solution: use various special programs and services.

What are NOT different devices:
- Usual browser mode and incognito one;
- Cleaning cookies of browsers;
- Different browsers.

What are the different devices:
- Computer, one more computer;
- Phone, one more phone;
- Special program for logging in to the accounts;
- Changing UserAgent in the browser and other subsequent actions in the browser;
- Use of special browsers that change the device data by themselves.

Conclusion: use different devices or special programs. If you authorize two or more accounts, you must use different proxy servers according to

3. Limits and humanlike actions.

The problem: if you immediately start doing mass operations on an account (making thousands of likes, sending hundreds of messages, etc.) it will be blocked quickly.
The solution: to be secured, first you must do some common actions that a normal person would do after registering. Example: fill out the page, subscribe to several people, like some posts, add some photos, make a few reposts, comments, etc.

Important: We are not responsible for the program/service developers and proxies providers. All the accounts are registered by us or by our partners using the private software (programs that are not available for public access) and proxies servers, which we also did by ourselves (they are not available for the public too).